The first Final Fantasy game I ever played was Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, so it's safe to say I've been biased towards Ivalice towards the start. It's by far my favorite setting in the series, and I love how each of the Ivalice games add something new to it. While I don't have much hope for another Ivalice game these days, I'm more than content to replay the ones we do have.

This fanlisting was originally opened in 2008. I adopted it out to Ash in 2015, who returned it to me in 2018. Hopefully soon I can give it a proper new layout.

The layout is made up of images of Ivalice from Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, which I got from Creative Uncut. Thanks to Janice for her help with thinking of the name all those years ago; she said Ivalice made her think of several things, including "ancient" and "sky," and I loved the concept considering Ivalice's long history.


 FFVII - Tseng

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